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Sewage Cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT

Sewage damage is one of the most invasive cleaning that needs to happen to a home. Anytime sewage cleaning is necessary there will be a lot of removal of damage... READ MORE

Park City, UT Water Damage

A toilet backup caused a disaster in this home which flooded a few of the rooms and closets. Unfortunately the carpet had to be removed since the water damage w... READ MORE

Hoarding Houses in Park City, UT

Hoarding is a complicated matter for the homeowner. Many family members have to step in to help with sorting and removing items of personal interest or value. S... READ MORE

Board Up Services - NE Salt Lake City and Park City

This Park City home had a fire that developed in the garage. We were called right away as a referral from the fire station. They knew that we provided board up ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Sugar House

During a recent storm this home in Sugar House suffered roof damage. This area at times suffers microbursts that down trees and lift shingles. Part of the roof ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Park City

During the cold months this Park City home suffered a broken pipe in their master bathroom. The pipe burst in the ceiling and ran down the backside of their sin... READ MORE