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The Benefits of Electronic Claims Services

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

An insurance claim that is filed electronically is generated by a computer software system and then transmitted from cleanup and restoration professionals, such as SERVPRO, to an insurance agent and other authorized entities. Manual claims are filled out on paper and then sent to other professionals through the mail system. There are several reasons that many professionals prefer digital filing.

  • The amount of time and resources used to perform administrative tasks are reduced. 
  • Claims are checked for errors and similar issues before final submission. 
  • Insurance professionals and underwriters can share information almost instantly. 
  • The costs of physical supplies, such as paper, envelopes, and postage, decrease.
  • The progress of a claim can be tracked from one professional to another with a clear electronic trail. 

After a major disaster, there are several important benefits to filing an insurance claim electronically. 

1. Property Owners Get a Quick Response

Property owners need claims completed quickly, so they can get back to their daily routines as quickly as possible. If the claim isn't filed electronically, it will have to travel through the mail where it can be lost or delayed. The paperwork may travel back and forth between parties before anything is settled. Electronic filing can be completed much more quickly.

2. Information Is Easily Accessible

Electronic files are easy to organize and easy to locate. Digital systems can be accessed from any location with internet service, and updates are ongoing. As professional restoration teams work, their progress is reported almost immediately. The same is true for insurance professionals. 

3. Records Are Safe From Elements

It can be challenging to keep paper documents and photographs dry during flooding or severe weather. Restoration professionals are well-aware of the problems with high levels of humidity and paperwork; completing reports electronically makes a lot of sense during natural disasters. 

Hiring Deer Valley, UT, restoration professionals with access to or participation in electronic claims services make it so that each insurance claim is completed more quickly and accurately. The chances of each claim finding resolution to the satisfaction of all parties is increased with reduced handling and increased monitoring.

3 Steps To Stop a Toilet From Overflowing

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage 3 Steps To Stop a Toilet From Overflowing If you need to replace your toilet, contact a water damage mitigation and restoration company

3 Steps To Stop a Toilet From Overflowing

A drain line blockage can result in a flooded toilet. Homeowners can take three steps to stop a toilet from overflowing and limit the extent of sewer damage at a residence in Federal Heights, UT.

1. Contain Damage

Contaminated water can cause major water damage. If this water sinks into carpet or porous building materials such as drywall, these materials will likely need to be torn out and replaced. Use towels or a mop to stop the spread of sewage backup.

2. Use a Plunger or Snake

Once a homeowner has taken measures to try to stop the spread of sewer damage, he or she should address the cause of the problem. If the backup is due to a minor clog close to the floor drain, plunging a toilet may be enough to clear the clog and stop the overflow.

If the clog is more severe, insert an auger or snake into the toilet. Some augers have hand cranks while others can be attached to a power drill. It may be more effective to remove the toilet and snake the floor drain directly. You will need to use specialized tools and remove water from the bowl and tank or use a solidifying gel. Clear deeper clogs by snaking the drain cleanout in a basement or crawlspace.

3. Contact a Plumber

Calling a plumber can be easier than removing a toilet or dealing with a drain cleanout. If you do not have a snake or the skill or tools necessary to attempt advanced plumbing techniques, a trained professional is your best bet. If the problem originates in a municipal main, contact a sewage company.

If a flooded toilet causes extensive sewer damage, a homeowner should contact a water damage mitigation and restoration company located in Federal Heights, UT. Experts can remove damaged materials, promote drying to prevent mold and restore the affected area.

Mold Damage and Homeowners Insurance: An Overview of What Is and Isn’t Covered

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage and Homeowners Insurance: An Overview of What Is and Isn’t Covered Mold damage in a Deer Crest, UT home

Although fungus growth and mold damage is a common problem that homeowners have to deal with, most homeowners insurance policies are limited in what they cover in these situations. It is a good idea to get in contact with your insurance policy to determine exactly what your plan covers. Here is some important information you should know in case you ever have to deal with a mold issue in your home in  Deer Crest, UT.

When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Remediation?

If you encounter a severe fungus growth issue in your home, you will require the help of mold remediation specialists to address the issue and restore your home back to its original state. Most insurance homeowners insurance policies will cover damage that occurs due to a cause that is already covered by your insurance including:

  • Lightning
  • Burst pipes
  • Fire
  • Roof damage from falling objects or heavy snow
  • Water damage caused by broken household appliances

How Much Will Insurance Cover?

If you learn that your policy does cover damage caused by mold in the situations mentioned, you will then need to find out if your mold insurance has a cap. Since mold remediation can be very expensive depending on your specific situation, your insurance might have a strict cap on what they’ll pay no matter the cause of the fungus growth.

Can You Increase Your Chance of Being Covered?

One essential step is ensuring that you are covered is prove that the mold damage occurred as a result of a covered crisis. Make sure to take plenty of photographs of the damaged area and provide any pictures you might have of the area before it was damaged. Do not try to move or clean anything.

It can be frustrating trying to figure out what mold coverage your homeowner's insurance plan offers, especially when you’re in the midst of dealing with a mold issue. Set up a meeting with your insurance provider before a problem occurs so you can already know what to expect.

SERVPRO Offers Expert Document Restoration Services

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO Offers Expert Document Restoration Services SERVPRO of NE Salt Lake City can tackle any project size

A significant water, sewer or flood event can damage all your essential documents and files. If recovery is going to happen, it needs to start right away. SERVPRO understands this and operates a secure document restoration facility. Professionals there control the process and give your documents the treatment they deserve.

Different Types of Documents Require Different Responses

Not all documents have the same level of importance. Not all records are paper. Not every document needs restoration. Each document gets an appropriate level of treatment. The specific treatment depends on the document’s type and importance. Here are some examples of the types and the treatments they might receive:

1. Important documents need restoration. An important document has an original signature, hand-written notes or an official mark. If a copy won’t do, it’s important. A special freeze-drying process performs document drying. Gamma irradiation sterilizes these documents when bacteria and other contaminants are a concern. Examples of important documents would be:

  • Mortgages
  • Wills
  • Stock, bond and other certificates
  • Blueprints
  • Maps
  • Books and manuscripts
  • Irreplaceable legal documents

2. You can digitize less critical documents. In most situation, it’s not the document that is important. It is the information on the document. In these cases, it is more cost-effective to digitize and reprint the document. An alternative is to digitize and reproduce it when needed.

3. Some documents are not paper-based. Developed films and x-rays may seem undamaged but still, require cleaning. The same applies to microfiche and microfilm. Photographic prints may pose a challenge to the document restoration specialists.

4. Medical records require special treatment. SERVPRO’s HIPAA Master-Certified technicians perform this cleaning. Round-the-clock surveillance of the restoration activity ensures confidentiality.
Perhaps a flooded basement destroyed your home office in the Kimball Junction, UT, area. Maybe a roof failure at work soaked the company accounting records. The amount of damage doesn’t matter. The document restoration experts at SERVPRO tackle projects of any size.

Inspect Your Commercial Building and Keep It Weatherproof

2/11/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Inspect Your Commercial Building and Keep It Weatherproof There are local water damage restoration specialists ready to come to your aid

Inspect Your Commercial Building and Keep It Weatherproof

Is your Jeremy Ranch, UT, business in a building that is comfortable, dry and weatherproof? If so, thank the heroes responsible for exterior maintenance. It is their job to keep your building maintained. Proper maintenance ensures that the weather stays outside where it belongs.

Damage to the exterior lets in the weather. Some, like broken windows, is obvious and demands immediate attention. Other damage starts tiny and grows into serious maintenance problems.

Examples of minor damage are:

  • Small holes in siding
  • Loose or cracked windows
  • Gaps around vents, pipes and other exterior features
  • Damaged masonry

Routine Inspections Are the Key to Preventive Maintenance

Every building has problems that are easy to overlook. They don’t interfere with the business operation, so they go unreported. The first step in fixing them is finding them. The best way to identify them is through a complete building inspection. Think of this as a close inspection of the building with the help of a checklist. Here are some of the tasks that an exterior maintenance inspection might include:

1. Inspect the roof. Look for areas where the roofing material needs repair. Check the vents, air conditioner and other features attached to the roof to make sure they won’t leak. Check the gutters and downspouts. Make sure that rainwater will flow down and away from the building.
2. Inspect the walls. Look for openings that might let water in. A structural engineer can help you determine if there is water damage.
3. Inspect the masonry. Areas that are failing might provide a path for water to get inside. Bring in a professional to check the situation.
4. Inspect the doors and windows. Make sure that they stop the flow of air and water.
Some exterior maintenance problems can’t wait.

One of these is water damage. There are local water damage restoration specialists ready to come to your aid. They are just a phone call away.

Minimize the Risk of Fire Danger in Your Home

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Minimize the Risk of Fire Danger in Your Home Install an adequate number of smoke detectors throughout your home

Fire is a word no one likes to think about, much less experience in his or her home in Dear Valley, UT. The loss of a home’s structure, contents, and harm to family members in a home fire is a devastating and traumatic experience. The good news is that risks can be minimized with careful fire preparation practices.

Your home and family are unique and so will your preparations be, but there are some basics that should be attended to in order to prevent a blaze from breaking out. Here are some of the basic items to attend to.

Basic Steps to Fire Preparation

  • Make sure the furnace and water heater are in good working order and well-maintained
  • Never operate space heaters or candles near curtains or other flammable materials or leave them unattended
  • With your family, make a plan for escape in the event of a fire and make sure they all know how to call for help
  • Use fire-safe procedures when cooking and don’t allow oil or grease near heating elements or allow to overheat
  • Install an adequate number of smoke detectors throughout the home and keep working fire extinguishers at easy reach.

Involving Your Household

Fire safety is a family event. Together with household members, discuss the steps needed. Let everyone be involved in helping – get them excited about fire preparation and prevention rather than afraid of a potential home fire. Tailor your rules to each person as needed - Don’t allow a teenager to burn an open candle in their bedroom for instance. Make sure any family members who smoke do so safely, not smoking in bed and making sure all cigarettes and any matches are fully extinguished.

An emergency building restoration company in  Dear Valley, UT, can do much to help repair and salvage your home after a fire. But with proper fire safety practices, and participation from your family, a blazing disaster is much less likely to happen in your home.

Common Types and Causes of Mold Growth in Homes

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Common Types and Causes of Mold Growth in Homes Black mold in a Sugar House, UT residence

Common Types and Causes of Mold Growth in Homes

There are a wide variety of causes for mold growth in homes in Sugar House, UT, and there are also various types of mold that tend to grow in homes. However, knowing what types of mold grow most commonly in homes and why they grow can help you know how to react.

1. Alternaria

One of the most common types of mold that grows inside homes is known as Alternaria. This type of mold grows due to levels of high humidity. Areas such as bathrooms are likely to have this type of mold due to the high amounts of moisture. Alternaria can also grow close to appliances, like toilets or sinks, that use water.

2. Penicillium

If there is water damage throughout a home and the water is not removed quickly and effectively, Penicillium is likely to grow. Penicillium tends to grow most frequently on materials made of cloth, such as clothing, curtains, rugs, insulation and carpet flooring, though Penicillium can grow elsewhere in the home. This type of mold is known for its green-blue color and its musty smell.

3. Black Mold

Though all mold growth is unpleasant, black mold is often a type of mold that can be particularly worrisome due to the amount of damage it can cause. As the name suggests, black mold, or Stachybotrys, is known for its dark color. Like most molds, black mold grows in damp, moist areas. However, while many molds can grow within a few days, black mold can take a week or more to grow and requires an environment that is consistently damp or humid.

Though you may feel worried at the sight of mold growth in your home, it can help to know what causes the most common types of mold to grow. If your home has been damaged by mold, it can be wise to contact mold remediation professionals.

How To Make a Water Damage Claim

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Make a Water Damage Claim Broken pipe in a Park City, UT bathroom

Bursting pipes and other mishaps that flood your home can add a lot of tasks to your to-do list. You must find the source of the water so you can minimize overall damage. You need to arrange for repairs from a certified water restoration company. You will also probably want to file an insurance claim. Filing a claim can be daunting if you don’t understand whether your policy covers the accident or what you are entitled to receive. The following information may help demystify the process.

Factors Affecting Claim Acceptance

Standard homeowners’ policies cover a myriad of sudden accidents that may lead to water damage. Whether your policy covers the damage to your home in Park City, UT, depends on several factors:

  • Type and scope of policy
  • Source of flooding
  • Timing of damage onset

Some policies cover more than just bursting pipes. Coverage can vary by state or region and the amount of extended coverage you purchase. If floodwaters come from outside your home, particularly if you are in a flood plain, you may need an extra flood policy to cover the loss. If the damage was brought on by an ongoing problem rather than a sudden issue, your claim is more likely to be denied.

Tips for Minimizing Denials

The best way to avoid a claim denial is to understand your coverage and make sure it is adequate to protect you against the specific risks to your home. Your agent can explain your policy and suggest extended coverage when necessary. It is also important to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule for your home. Most gradual damage claims are denied because they indicate a lack of vigilance on the part of the homeowner. If you fix a broken pipe in a timely manner, for example, it is less likely to cause significant damage.

Hiring a restoration company that is Faster to Any Size Disaster can improve the chances of claim acceptance. Knowing your rights, as well as your responsibilities, makes filing after a bursting pipes incident easier.

Business Claims: Making a Disaster Claim

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Business Claims: Making a Disaster Claim Fire damage in Dear Valley, UT

Fire Claim Process

While a blaze burning through your facility and your inventory is devastating enough, the fire damage can leave your property and your business boarded up for months. This is why it is essential to start the fire claim process immediately so that you can minimize the extent of the business interruption and get back to work quickly.

1. Call Your Insurer

While the first calls you make are to emergency services and family, the third call you should make after a fire is to your insurer. You want to make this call immediately after a fire to ensure that the claims process is initiated at the earliest possible moment. The longer you wait to make a claim, the longer it will take to get your business up and running.

2. Mitigate Further Damage and Loss

After you initiate the fire claim, you will want to get a fire restoration specialist from the Dear Valley, UT, area on the scene to board up and tarp your facility, mitigating further damage and loss. If you already have a plan in place with a restoration expert, then call them and get the process started. Keep in mind that your insurer may require you to mitigate further loss, meaning that if you don’t, then your coverage may not kick in.

3. Keep Receipts

As you begin the cleanup, be sure to track all of your expenses by saving and tallying all receipts. When the adjuster arrives, they will want a full record of the damages incurred and the mitigation efforts made to reduce further property loss and damage.

4. Make a Record of Loss

Additionally, you should walk your property, photographing all damages to show your insurance adjuster. This record of loss will be used when evaluating your claim. You should also include any relevant receipts for the damaged property so your insurer can create an accurate valuation of the overall loss.

A fire claim may seem like a confusing process, but as with every bureaucratic process, there are appropriate steps to take. After a fire, just make sure to call your insurer, mitigate further damage, keep receipts and make a record of loss.

Preparing for Fire Cleanup

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Preparing for Fire Cleanup Soot damage after fire in a Salt Lake City, UT home

Steps to Restore Your Home After Fire Damage

A home fire can be a difficult event, but there are steps a homeowner can take to rectify smoke damage and related issues. The following procedures can help you restore your living space in Salt Lake City, UT, and return to your daily routine.

1. Smoke on the Walls and Ceiling

Some of the most obvious signs of a fire, even a minor one, are streaks of discoloration on interior surfaces. If the affected area is a relatively non-porous surface, such as a painted wall with a high-gloss enamel coating, then soot damage can usually be cleaned with a detergent or degreaser solution. Other fixed surfaces may require more extensive treatment, such as smoke-covered plaster. In these cases, it may be prudent to contact a qualified fire cleanup service.

2. Further Precautions

Removable items such as upholstery, furniture and appliances should be washed or laundered, preferably away from the home so as not to further spread smoke particles and odors. Replace filter components of your central heating and air system. Refrigerators and freezers may require additional smoke cleaning and inspection of food items. Any building materials with more than superficial damage, such as charring, may require professional attention.

3. Water and Fire

If emergency personnel had to put out the fire, or if a fire suppression sprinkler system was activated, there may be water damage in addition to the fire and smoke damage. Ensure that any nearby electrical systems are disconnected before inspecting them and beginning the cleanup process. Set up fans or dehumidifiers in order to move air through the building. Excess dampness can lead to mold or rot if left unresolved. Materials like drywall or carpet padding that have absorbed too much water may need to be replaced.

Smoke damage doesn’t have bring your life to a halt and hurt your property value. With attention and care, most belongings and home surfaces can be restored to their original condition.