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Is There Water in Your Home or Business?

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Is There Water in Your Home or Business?

Step 1

Emergency Contact 

This is to a plumber in an active leak, but in every other case of water in the home or water in the business, the very next contact should be a professional water damage restoration company. This call will initiate a protocol that will return the home or business to its proper functioning status. The quick action of contacting a water damage restoration service is a function of mitigation also. Mitigation is the act of preventing as much water damage as possible by acting both to find and fix the leak, but also in the water cleanup effort. Most insurance companies mandate a policy of mitigation that is the incumbent responsibility if the homeowner or business owner that has water in the home or water in the business.

Step 2

Inspection and Flood Damage Assessment

The water damage restoration company chosen will send a professional technician to inspect and assess the flood damage. These professional crew arrives ready to institute some drastic water cleanup techniques in the initial visit in order to begin mitigation and eventuality water cleanup, drying and restoration immediately in order to satisfy the insurance mitigation requirement, but also to give home and business owners the best chance at recovering and saving items affected by the flood damage.

Step 3

Water Removal and Extraction

This portion of the process removes the physical water, but it also may involve limiting the effects of water damage on certain portions of the home. This means that portions of the home or building must be removed to effectively remove the water. Commonly, this means removing the lower portion of Sheetrock or other wall covering to promote the drying step that follows. and to prevent wicking. Wicking occurs when the water damage creeps up walls because of prolonged contact.

Step 4

Drying, Dehumidification, Air Movement

After the actual water is removed, there is still an extreme amount of water left in the form of moisture. Experienced companies use industrial strength dehumidifiers and improved air movement equipment and techniques to promote the drying process of the water cleanup. In this portion of the process, air movement is key.

Step 5

Cleaning and Sanitizing after Flood Damage

This is an important step in the water damage recovery effort. This steps is only incurred once the home is sufficiently dry. Some forms of water damage are very toxic, and the sanitation step becomes infinitely more important. In lesser cases, the act of drying and improved air movement will eliminate any possibilities of contamination, molds and mildews.

Step 6

Restoration. This final step involves repairing any physical structures either damaged in the flood or removed to promote air circulation to their pre-flood condition. In order for many of the restoration efforts to be successful, a professional restoration company will have to have rendered the establishment completely dry. Visit for more information on water damage.

Staying Safe When You Discover Water Damage In Your Home

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Staying Safe When You Discover Water Damage In Your Home

A home or business that's been damaged by water can be very difficult to clean up. Most times water damage is very unexpected and while you can't always be prepared for it, there are tips you can follow that can make mitigation much easier. But when it comes to the water damage restoration process itself you should let only a professional water cleanup company handle that as they are trained in safety and cleanup efficiency.

The first step is to pay attention to any areas of your home or business that seem to be even a little damp. If you've noticed puddles on the floor, any drips no matter how small coming from the ceilings, wet spots on the walls or mold gathering anywhere you need to act immediately. Maybe you're worried about calling a water cleanup company because you think it will be too much money to fix the problem, but the truth is as more water in your home or water in your business accumulates from leaks the more prone your home's structure will be to major damage. You don't want to get injured from a floor or ceiling that collapses or breathe the fumes of toxins caused by flood damage.

Second, you should open any windows or outdoor vents in your home that could help with drying and air movement in areas where flooring or appliances have been subjected to flood damage. You should not attempt to dry out water in your home or water in your business by turning on the building's central heating, using space heaters or hair dryers as that could create a hazardous situation. You also shouldn't attempt to unplug appliances or cut off electric circuit breakers if water damage has affected the area around them. If the flood damage is very severe and you notice any strange smells, you should probably evacuate your home immediately.

It's good to find a reputable water damage restoration company that can speed up the mitigation process. You should look for a company that has positive reviews, is certified in water damage restoration and uses professional tools for maximum drying and air movement. When you have too much water in your home or water in your business the water cleanup company might be able to recommend a removal process for your belongings, and some companies are also connected to a repair companies for special items such as electronics and appliances need repairs after drying.

Water damage mitigation could take a few hours or a few days depending on the extent of the mess, but usually once there's been adequate drying and proper air movement the flood damage company will disinfect and remove mold plus dehumidify areas where there was water in a home or water in a business. Some areas such as dark corners of basements or attics may need additional air movement due to mold collecting in greater quantities in those areas. Water cleanup and flood mitigation are never easy to deal with, but staying calm and calling the right water damage restoration company is always the best first step in addressing water damage. Visit for more information on water damage.

Why Repair Fire Damage So Quickly?

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Why Repair Fire Damage So Quickly?

Fire damage and a fire loss may be repaired by a fire cleanup crew in a few short days, and it is easier to contact the commercial fire damage company when the fire is still raging. The fire damage repair crew will turn up at once, and they will begin the process of repairing the home. There are fire in home and fire in business problems that may be repaired at once, and a much larger commercial fire damage repair job may be done at the same time. This article shows how soot damage and smoke damage may be removed, and there are many people who see their house return to normal.

#1: How Bad Was The Fire?

The fire cleanup company will arrive with a large staff, and they will assess the fire loss for what it is. They must check all the fire damage around the home, and they must continue to check the fire loss until it has been cleaned completely. Air quality tests are a part of the assessment, and air quality will change when soot damage or smoke damage is removed from the home.

#2: Fire In Home

Fire in home problems may occur in apartments or single-family units, and the commercial fire damage company knows how to repair each problem quickly. They have seen fire in home issues many times, and they wish to ensure that the home is livable again. They will spend quite a lot of time showing customers how their home may be repaired.

#3: Fire In Business

Fire in business damages represent such a large fire loss that it may send soot damage and smoke damage to every part of the building. The building may be such a difficult place to clean that the fire cleanup crew will need more time to do their work, and the air quality tests may take more time to repair. The building must be scraped clean of soot damage and smoke damage, and there are many people who will need fire in business repairs to last for weeks.

#4: Fire In Home

Fire in home repairs are far more important as they will ensure the homeowner may come back into the house as quickly as possible. The fire cleanup crew will operate on a smaller scale, and they will look over the loss to ensure it has not caused structural damage. The commercial fire damage crew will repair all fire damage, and they will solve soot damage and smoke damage problems that may have occurred.

#5: Air Quality Tests

The fire cleanup crew will do air quality tests many times, and they will add air quality tests to their fire damage repair plan. They know that they must complete this for any fire in business or home, and they will tend to the fire loss until they have seen a difference.

The commercial fire damage company will come to the house as soon as possible, and they will make a change in the house that makes it look perfect again. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How To Stop Fire Damage From Ruining A Building

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

How To Stop Fire Damage From Ruining A Building

Anyone who has been through a fire loss must hire a company to help them ensure that they repaired the house properly, and they will discover there are many things that must be done. Fire damage is quite a problem, and it will come with soot damage and smoke damage that makes the house that much harder to clean. This article explains how someone may make a change in the house after a fire loss, and they will have a fire cleanup company on the scene at once.

#1: The Fire Cleanup Crew

The fire cleanup crew will respond to any fire damage or fire loss emergency. They will work quite hard to ensure that they have cleaned all the soot damage and smoke damage, and they will implement an air quality test. A commercial fire damage company knows how to help with air quality tests, and they know how to check the house after fire damage has happened. There are many fire cleanup problems that must be addressed, and it is far easier for the company to clean up before they begin their commercial fire damage repair process.

#2: There Are Many Problems To Cure

Fire in home and fire in business damage must be cleaned by the commercial fire damage company, and they will show the homeowner how simple it is to ensure the house is cleaned out completely. They use a plan for fire in home that is simplified, and they will use an expanded plan for fire in business losses. The fire loss must be attacked with a number of tools and materials, and the fire cleanup crew will begin work immediately.

#3: Cleaning Out Soot Damage And Smoke Damage

Cleaning out soot damage and smoke damage is quite simple, and fire damage will leave quite sa bit of it littered around the house. The air quality tests that follow will show how effective the company has been, and the company will adjust the work they are doing based on their air quality tests. The homeowner will know that the house is safe to enter after many air quality tests, and their fire in home repairs may continue.

#4: Fire In Business

Fire in business issues are handled in a similar manner, and the expanded plan for a fire in business loss will see the commercial fire damage company show up with many more people. They will use more advanced tools, and they will search for a simpler way to return the space to the appearance that it once had. Fire in home repairs are much faster, and the company has prepared to complete their fire in business repairs in the same amount of time.

Fire damage and fire loss must be handled by a commercial fire damage company at once, and they will take away all soot damage and smoke damage they have found. Everything from a fire in home loss to a massive loss at a business may be repaired, cleaned and returned to normal. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Hiring a Professional to Treat Mold in Homes and Businesses

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Hiring a Professional to Treat Mold in Homes and Businesses

Mold is considered a kind of a fungus, which can grow anywhere under the right conditions. Spores can be found both outside and inside the home, in the air. Mold only needs three common ingredients to grow; average temperatures, moisture, and nutrients. It can grow inside the home on surfaces and furnishings. With a bit of mitigation, future issues can be avoided.

Microbial growth may be harder to detect. Mold and mildew can usually be seen easily, and may be gotten rid of easily as well, so home and business owners may not be aware that any fungus is growing. Because it can affect people in different ways, like sore throats, coughing, sneezing, homes and business should be checked for issues. In order to save money, home and business owners may want to do a mold cleanup themselves, but it may be better to call in an environmental hygienist and mold cleanup team to help.

When the problem is addressed, an environmental hygienist can make sure that a home or business stays free from these types of problems, even microbial growth. An environmental hygienist or industrial hygienist is a qualified individual who can make sure that a home or business keeps up an acceptable level of air quality, water quality, clean and safe garbage disposal, and food protection, causing mitigation for further issues. Environmental hygienists can show a business or home owner what to do, mitigating a re-occurrence of issues. Environmental hygienists can make business owners and home owners aware of risks if they choose to do the mold cleanup themselves, as well as what symptoms to watch out for.

When removing fungus, mildew, and microbial growth from a building, safety is key. Always wear protective equipment: rubber gloves, outer clothing, goggles, and an N95 or N100 respirator when removing mold. Remove all furnishings and items that are mold-free from the room that is being cleaned. Block off the work area being cleaned with plastic sheeting, to avoid having the mold spread, and cover air supply and return vents as well. Owners should rent an air scrubber to use in the area to be cleaned, mitigating the problem, and help in mold cleanup.

Materials that are wet should be dry first to prevent the spread of further growth and mildew. It will take approximately 24 to 48 hours, after using wet/dry vacuums, fans, and dehumidifiers. Porous materials with should be bagged and thrown away, while non-porous materials can be cleaned but only if they are sound, structurally in mold cleanup. Non-porous surfaces can be cleaned with a brush, hot water, and cleaning products, even diluted bleach. Cleaning material needs to be collected once the owner is through, and areas are to be rinsed with clean water, and dried completely to prevent further growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and microbial growth, causing further mold cleanup. Learning what the causes are of these issues are, further issues can be avoided. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.